Differences between Google Sheets Add-on and Excel Add-in

This article is an quick overview, and not a comprehensive list of all differences. Please contact us if something is unclear or you feel like a notable difference is missing from this list.

Incompatible Formulas

Certain formulas, such as structured and external references, are not supported in Google Sheets that are allowed in Microsoft Excel. For more information, please read our article on incompatible formulas.

Data Tables Usage

When sharing data via feeds, our Microsoft Excel Add-in uses the Data Tables facility to keep track of what data is shared. In Google Sheets, we use a full worksheet in your document for each Data Everywhere feed.

Refresh Options

Our Excel Add-in allows users to chose manual updates, prompts when updates are available, or fully automatic updates. Currently, Google Sheets notifies the user that a feed is out of date but requires the user to click to refresh. However, a new automatic refresh feature has been released that enables hourly refreshing of data in the background. Read more about Google Sheets automatic refresh.

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